New Kyocera Device Features FPC1145 Sensor

New Kyocera Device Features FPC1145 SensorJapan-based electronics maker Kyocera is using a Fingerprint Cards sensor in a new mobile device. The latter has announced that its FPC1145 fingerprint sensor is featured in the Kyocera X3.

It’s the same sensor model used in the recent Razer Phone and ZTE Axon M devices, both of which featured the sensor in a side-mounted configuration. In a statement announcing the Kyocera X3 integration, FPC asserted that the sensor model has “a robust surface coating” that makes it “capable of more than 10 million finger placements and of withstanding daily wear and tear.”

News of the integration comes amid FPC’s intensive effort to establish a strong footing in the emerging biometric smart cards market. While that effort is in part a response to an increasingly challenging mobile market offering slimmer margins for biometrics suppliers, multiple recent announcements of integrations into mobile devices and notebooks point to the continuing importance of the consumer electronics sector in FPC’s overall business.