LabTwin Launches Digital Assistant for Scientific Researchers

LabTwin Launches Digital Assistant for Scientific Researchers

LabTwin GmbH has announced the launch of a new digital assistant designed specifically for research and laboratory settings. The eponymous system uses voice recognition and AI to allow scientists to offload a number of more mundane clerical tasks. For instance, scientists can use their voice to ask LabTwin to take notes, capture data, or set a timer for an experiment. 

“Digital assistants will free employees up to work on the things that matter most,” said LabTwin CEO and co-founder Magdalena Paluch. “LabTwin has the power to increase productivity by unshackling scientists from keyboards, desktops and hard-to-access folder structures.”

LabTwin received guidance and financial backing from BCG Digital Ventures and Sartorius. It has already made its way into several biopharma laboratories and research institutes, while the company itself is hoping to collaborate with other corporations and academic institutions in the future.

“LabTwin is a game-changing technology,” said BCG Partner Arndt Roller. “It has the potential to reduce experimental error, improve R&D efficiency and shorten product development timelines.” 

Digital voice assistants have previously been used to streamline operations in industries like healthcare and law. It’s not surprising to see that the technology has similar hands-free benefits in the lab, where scientists will be able to focus on research instead of record-keeping.