Last Quarter Saw Samsung Dominate Indian Smartphone Market

Smartphone securitySamsung is currently dominating India’s smartphone market, according to an Economic Times article by Danish Khan. The company took 27.4 percent of the smartphone market in the October-December quarter of 2014.
That should be very welcome news for the embattled smartphone giant, which has been losing market share to Apple on its home turf and struggling to revitalize its brand as inexpensive smartphones flood into the market – some sporting advanced technology like fingerprint scanning despite their low-end prices. The company may also be getting a bit of relief in the Indian market due to recent legal issues that could have implications for smaller smartphone makers, as Ericsson has succeeded in blocking the sale of Xiaomi smartphones in India due to alleged patent infringement.
The article also reports that Lenovo edged its way into the top five sellers with its acquisition of Motorola. The company has great ambitions for reviving the Motorola brand, and is benefiting from the same thing that Apple and Samung’s smaller rivals are also leveraging – cheaper costs in advanced mobile technology.