Chinese Regulator Leaks OnePlus 2 Pics

The OnePlus One (pictured) was sold through an invite-only model.

The OnePlus One (pictured) was sold through an invite-only model.

While scientists and cosmological enthusiasts continue to pore over the new images of Pluto from the New Horizons spacecraft, mobile device aficionados have taken a magnifying glass to newly released pics of the coming OnePlus 2 smartphone. The leaked pictures come by way of Tenaa, a Chinese wireless regulator.

The images largely confirm what was already known. The smartphone’s camera is prominent on the back at an unusually low level; the back cover copies the OnePlus One’s multi-material construction; and its fingerprint scanner is clearly visible. What’s not obvious from the images is the speed with which the fingerprint scanner is supposed to operate; OnePlus has suggested that it’s going to be “lightning quick” and faster than the Touch ID system found on Apple’s iPhones.

Aesthetically, it looks like a pretty standard smartphone. While companies like Samsung have tried to experiment with more innovative designs in an effort to differentiate their newest mobile devices from the competition, that clearly isn’t OnePlus’s aim. Rather, given that the original OnePlus One smartphone was priced at only $300, it seems likely that the company will continue to try to compete on the basis of price with its OneTouch 2.

That makes the fingerprint scanner all the more remarkable, as this previously restricted biometric technology continues to find its way onto devices on the lower range of the price spectrum. With mPayment platforms starting to emerge in a big way, having this technology embedded on a mobile device is going to be all the more important, and OnePlus clearly recognizes that here.

Source: Engadget