New Lenovo, Hisense Smartphones Integrate Precise BioMatch Mobile

New Lenovo, Hisense Smartphones Integrate Precise BioMatch MobilePrecise Biometrics‘ flagship algorithm software has been integrated into two major new smartphones. Both Lenovo’s VIBE K4 Note and the Hisense A1 use Precise BioMatch Mobile for their fingerprint scanning.

While the China-based Hisense is a slightly less of a household name on the global smartphone market, Lenovo is well-known, offering some strong promotion for Precise Biometrics’ technology. It also continues the business relationship between Precise Biometrics and Lenovo, which also integrated Precise BioMatch Mobile technology into its recent [Lemon] X3 smartphones. And, of course, with respect to Hisense: Every bit of support helps in a market that is increasingly busy with biometrics companies eager to get in on the boom in smartphone fingerprint sensors.

The integrations also continue Precise Biometrics’ partnership with Fingerprint Cards, its longstanding hardware partner. While the company has sought licensing agreements with other fingerprint sensor makers, FPC has proven particularly successful in selling its technology to smartphone OEMs, and has helped to boost Precise Biometrics’ licensing revenues in the process.