Lenovo Joins Wearable Tech Fitness-Tracking Race

Mobile ID In The WorkplaceChinese computer technology company Lenovo has developed a new wearable tech device similar to the Fitbit Flex, reports Dante D’Orazio in an article for The Verge. While the company hasn’t yet made an official announcement, a product page for the Lenovo Smartband SW-B100 has appeared on its website.
Like the Fitbit, Lenovo’s wristband will track health-related biometric measures including steps, heart rate, burned calories, and distance traversed, but it’s also going to track sleep habits and will allow users to unlock their PCs by proximity. These additional features would seem to be a natural extension from the usual health metrics of such devices as interconnectedness becomes a greater focal point for developers producing wearable and Internet of Things devices.
It’s a good time for Lenovo to be producing such devices. Wearable and mobile biometric technologies are driving a revolution in the world of remote healthcare, and the market for wearable tech is growing rapidly with giants like Samsung organizing conferences devoted to it and to the Internet of Things and other smart devices, while Intel continues to pour investment into China’s smart tech industry. While it’s possible, as Mr. D’Orazio notes, that Lenovo’s new wristband won’t ever make it to North America, it will almost certainly find a market somewhere.