Lenovo K5 Note Sports FPC1035 Sensor

Lenovo K5 Note Sports FPC1035 SensorLenovo has launched a new mobile device featuring Fingerprint Cards technology. Set to launch in China later this week, the K5 Note features an FPC1035 fingerprint sensor.

It’s a continuation of an ongoing business partnership between Lenovo and FPC, with previous integrations including the [Lemon] X3 devices’ use of FPC1025 sensors last fall. And as in that case, the K5 Note’s fingerprint sensor is again running on biometric algorithm software from FPC’s longtime partner Precise Biometrics. While Lenovo recently announced that its forthcoming high-profile ThinkPad X1 tablet would feature fingerprint sensor technology from Synaptics, the consumer electronics company evidently remains interested in FPC’s and Precise Biometrics’ technology for other devices—a good sign for the latter companies, which continue to see rising revenues from these smartphone integrations.

Beyond the rear-mounted fingerprint sensor, the K5 Note also features a MediaTek P10 octa-core processor, a metal chassis, a 3,500 mAh battery, and an 8MP front-facing camera and 13MP rear camera. It’s expected to launch priced at roughly $170, which should help to further the growing proliferation of smartphone sensors at the lower end of the price spectrum.

Source: International Business Times

(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)