Lenovo Launches Moto M With FPC Biometric Sensor

Lenovo has launched a new Motorola device that once again features biometrics technology from Fingerprint Cards. The Moto M uses an FPC1035 sensor.

Lenovo Launches Moto M With FPC Biometric SensorIt’s the same fingerprint sensor model used in Motorola’s Moto Z device, an integration announced a couple of months ago. Having committed to including fingerprint sensors in its new smartphones at the start of this year, Lenovo’s Motorola brand has been a repeat customer of FPC for such applications.

Meanwhile, other FPC clients are pushing things a step further, with Huawei’s recently announced Mate 9 Porsche Design being FPC’s first under-glass implementation of a sensor. This design could become a popular standard for a number of OEMs going forward, but for now many are satisfied with the home button and rear-mounted setups that are currently standard for smartphone fingerprint sensors, with the Moto M employing the latter design.

Source: The Indian Express

November 8, 2016 – by Alex Perala