Lextar Announces Infrared LED Module Supporting Iris and Face Biometrics

Taiwan-based Lextar Electronics Group has announced an infrared LED module supporting both iris and face biometrics.Lextar Announces Infrared LED Module Supporting Iris and Face Biometrics Called the PR88, the module is only 1.4mm thick, allowing for unobtrusive integration into mobile designs.

The module arrives at a time when both biometric modalities are getting high-profile deployments in the mobile sector. Samsung has been pioneering mobile iris recognition – along with fingerprint scanning and a less effective facial recognition component – with its Galaxy S8 devices launched near the start of the year, and its more recent Note8 smartphone, all of which feature iris biometrics technology provided by Princeton Identity. Apple, meanwhile, recently unveiled its iPhone X, which replaces its iconic fingerprint scanning Touch ID system with a facial recognition system for user authentication. That feature has caused quite a stir, with signs already emerging that the mobile industry is anticipating a broad embrace of facial recognition. That all bodes well for the PR88, which offers OEMs the chance to include infrared versions of both technologies into new devices.

Lextar has also announced two additional infrared modules, one of which focuses on iris recognition while the other is aimed at facial recognition; and the company says both “have already been introduced on mobile phones and access control systems,” according to a statement. And the company says it is also adapting its infrared sensor technology to biometric wearable devices that can track heartbeat, blood pressure, and blood oxygen levels.

(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)