LG G6 Plus to Feature FPC Fingerprint Sensor, Facial Recognition

A new smartphone from LG is using biometric technology provided by Fingerprint Cards: The G6 Plus features an FPC1035 sensor.

LG G6 Plus to Feature FPC Fingerprint Sensor, Facial RecognitionIt’s the same sensor model used in last year’s G5, LG X, and V20 smartphones, suggesting LG has been pleased with its performance. The sensor was also recently used in a new device from Lenovo’s Moto brand, the Moto Z2 Play.

The fingerprint sensor will eventually be complemented on the new device with facial recognition. As The Verge reports, a software update for both the G6 Plus and the original G6 will introduce the new biometric software this July.

As for availability, it isn’t yet clear where or when the G6 Plus will launch, but it’s a fair bet that it will arrive in time for that software update, and that it will launch first on LG’s home turf in South Korea.

Sources: The Verge, Android Authority