LG’s Next Phone to Feature Always-On Facial, Voice Recognition

LG’s next flagship device will feature always-on facial and voice recognition, enabling hands-free biometric unlock for users.

LG's Next Phone to Feature Always-On Facial, Voice RecognitionThe former feature, at least, appears to anticipate Apple’s next iPhone, with rumors swirling that that device will feature a facial recognition feature (called ‘Pearl ID’) that could scan users’ faces even when it’s lying flat on a table. Unlike the iPhone 8’s case, however, the LG news is not speculation; LG itself has announced the feature ahead of the V30’s official launch on August 31st.

Voice recognition, meanwhile, is more of a novelty. LG says users will be able to unlock their devices just by reciting a short passphrase, thanks to Qualcomm Aqstic technology; and while many users will likely prefer the silent methods of unlocking their phones, it could serve a useful role in multi-factor biometric authentication applications. And given that the device will also sport a fingerprint sensor on the rear – another feature that remains in doubt with respect to the iPhone 8 – there are a few combinations available.

Other features of the V30 include a floating menu bar, haptic feedback, and an always-on, customizable display.

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