New LG X Fast Smartphone Maintains Biometrics Setup

LG Maintains Biometrics Setup In New X Fast Smartphone

(image via Precise Biometrics)

LG has launched a new smartphone, and is once again taking advantage of biometric technology from Fingerprint Cards and Precise Biometrics to enable fingerprint scanning on the device. The LG X Fast features and FPC1035 sensor running Precise BioMatch Mobile algorithm software.

It’s the exact same setup as that used in LG’s X Mach device launched earlier this summer, suggesting the company was satisfied with the technology’s performance. That would align LG’s experience with those of various other smartphone OEMs that have embraced FPC’s and Precise Biometrics’s solutions, such as 360, whose recently-announced Q5 and Q5+ smartphones also feature the FPC1035 and Precise BioMatch Mobile.

It’s yet another example of the power of FPC and Precise Biometrics’ alliance. The companies have become leading providers of their respective biometric technologies to the smartphone OEM market, and repeat customers like LG are helping them to maintain their positions as the mobile biometrics market on the whole continues to grow.