Lightweight Notebook Supports Fingerprint and Palm Vein Authentication

Fujitsu has announced the newest addition to its line of Lifebook devices. Called the Lifebook U937, it’s an extremely lightweight notebook, weighing in at only two pounds.

Lightweight Notebook Supports Fingerprint and Palm Vein AuthenticationThe device’s featherweight status belies its tough security, offering embedded support for fingerprint-based authentication or, in keeping with Fujitsu’s specialty, palm vein recognition. Such palm vein biometrics were also used to bulk up security on Fujitsu’s Lifebook P727 and Lifebook T937 devices, launched earlier this year.

The Lifebook U937 also features a smart card reader and TPM 2.0 encryption for added security. Other features include a 7th generation Intel Core i7 processor, a 13.3″ FHD display, and a LAN and HDMI connector. Windows 10 Pro is the notebook’s operating system.

The device will see its North American release on May 16th.