LivDet-Iris 2015 Seeks State of The Art Biometrics

LivDet-Iris 2015 Accepting SubmissionsLiveness detection is indispensable in modern biometrics, and that remains true for the iris recognition modality. As iris scanning becomes more common, with new consumer applications of the technology being developed, this is especially true. That is why three universities from around the world – Clarkson University, University of Notre Dame and the Warsaw University of Technology – have announced the second edition of the Iris Liveness Detection Competition, LivDet-Iris 2015.

Open to academic and industrial organizations, LiveDet-Iris 2015 is accepting registration until November 10 of this year, the submission deadline. LivDet-Iris 2015 is intended to assess iris biometrics hardware and software solutions in the field of presentation attacks.

Earlier this year a security researcher highlighted the modality’s vulnerability to spoofing at the CanSecWest conference. The assertion that iris biometrics systems can be fooled by stolen images of irises my cause concern, but initiatives like LivDet-Iris stand to address said security issues.

FindBiometrics first reported on LivDet-Iris in June when Professor Stephanie Schuckers from Clarkson University called for greater liveness detection in what she sees as a promising biometric modality. Those interested in registering and submitting to the contest can find more details on the competition’s website.


(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)