LiveEnsure Patents ‘Truly Unassailable’ Authentication System

Mobile ID In The WorkplaceAuthentication solutions developer LiveEnsure has won a patent for its “Method for Mobile Security via Multi-Factor Context Authentication”. The unique authentication method powers LiveEnsure’s Digimetrics technology, which uses contextual data to identify users.
The system is very much like a kind of behavioural biometrics. It operates via a mobile app that collects data from external systems with which the user interacts, such as building access control systems, ATMs, and retail POS systems. According to LiveEnsure, that accumulated data can provide a highly accurate level of context allowing for “absolute certainty” in this means of “truly unassailable authentication.”
These are bold pronouncements, but it must be noted that while this kind of technology is attracting a lot of attention and investment, it is in a nascent stage. We have not yet seen it deployed widely enough to know that it can meet such standards, but at the same time it is undoubtedly a useful means of authentication, and at the very least could be used to round out a multi-factor authentication system. That having been said, the confidence displayed by the company is encouraging, and their aspiration for an innovative approach is laudable.