Logistics Firm Marketing ImageWare Tech in Middle East

MultimodalBiometrics developer ImageWare has entered into a partnership with logistics solutions provider Agility, the companies have announced. They plan to create a joint venture company that Agility will use to market and sell ImageWare technology to its own partners and clients.

Based in Kuwait, Agility’s partner and client network stretches across much of the Middle East, where biometric technology is increasingly prevalent, especially in border security deployments but also in everyday life scenarios such as the employee attendance tracking system used by the Caribou Coffee chain in the UAE and the attendance tracking system being implemented in Saudi Arabia’s school system. With ImageWare’s technology, Agility now has an opportunity to take advantage of the growing acceptance of – and interest in – biometric technology and security in the region.

Speaking in a press release, ImageWare CEO Jim Miller expounded on biometric technology’s utility “in providing additional security to supply chain management.” He expressed optimism about the high potential of the new partnership, explaining that “Agility’s global relationships and their world class expertise in air, ocean, and road freight, supply chain systems, and warehousing will bring ImageWare’s products and technologies to new and large markets.” Given the momentum his company has gained over the last several months, and Agility’s connections in the growing Middle East market, he has good reason to be excited.