Low-Power Facial Recognition Collaboration: Sensory and Cadence

facial recognitionSensory, Inc. and Cadence Design Systems, Inc. have teamed up to offer low-power facial recognition to OEMs.

The collaboration has essentially seen the integration of Sensory’s TrulySecure facial recognition software into the Cadence Tensilica Vision P5 DSP (digital signal processor). Cadence’s DSP is designed lower processing time for analog data such as images, which it says can be cut by as much as eight times compared to a standard CPU; Sensory’s TrulySecure platform, meanwhile, offers FIDO UAF-certified facial (and voice) recognition. By leveraging these technologies together, the companies have found a way to offer fast, low-power facial recognition for a range of devices.

Right now, they are aiming their solution at mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, and devices associated with the growing Internet of Things. These are smart targets; biometric authentication capabilities are increasingly prominent on mobile devices, particularly with the rise of various mPayment platforms, while many previous offline devices that will be linking up to the Internet of Things will require low-power user authentication solutions, and Sensory and Cadence’s offering could be an appealing solution to that end. Beyond these areas, there isn’t a sector that doesn’t want energy-efficient, low-power solutions, so this new offering could prove quite successful in a range of markets.


(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)