Lumigon T3 Smartphone Features FPC Sensor

A Fingerprint Cards fingerprint sensor is being used in a new smartphone from Lumigon, the company has announced.

Lumigon T3 Smartphone Features FPC SensorCalled the Lumigon T3, the device features an FPC1155 sensor model. It’s the same sensor model used in the recently launched BPhone 2017, and in the AGM X1 rugged smartphone launched earlier this year.

Lumigon is a smartphone maker headquartered in Denmark that emphasizes its devices’ high-end Scandinavian design. In that sense it’s a similar client to Essential, a new American smartphone maker whose first device also features an FPC sensor. Both integration announcements arrived this week, suggesting that FPC is finding success in winning over new clients in an increasingly competitive mobile biometrics market.

The Lumigon T3 is available for order now, and carries a premium phone price tag of a little over €800 after tax.