Major NEXT Customer Comes Back for More

Mobile Fingerprint BiometricsNEXT Biometrics has announced that its first tier one customer has commissioned the company to implement its sensor technology into two further product models. It’s a 20 percent expansion over the original seven-digit deal.

Speaking in a press release, NEXT CEO Tore Etholm-Idsøe enthused that the new orders are “a clear confirmation that we are on track with our first TIER 1 and that they see a clear opportunity to differentiate positively in their product space, using NEXT technology.” While further details about the client and the deals are confidential, it appears that the deal involves the incorporation of NEXT Active Thermal technology into a fingerprint sensor application.

NEXT has been touting a lot of good news lately. Last week, the company struck a partnership with Authasas, a Dutch authentication solutions provider, that would see NEXT technology integrated into Authasas solutions. And last month, the company announced that it had received half a dozen orders from various sectors for its fingerprint sensor technology, themselves coming on the heels of a major sale from last December that saw the company’s low-cost sensors ordered for what the company said was a new category of handheld devices.