MasterCard Helps Apple Pay Smooth Things Over with TfL Commuters

MasterCard Helps Apple Pay Smooth Things Over with TfL CommutersApple Pay and MasterCard have launched an interesting new promotion for the mPayment platform: They are offering free Transport for London transit on Mondays until December 14th. Commuters simply need to board using their MasterCard accounts uploaded to Apple Pay, and they’ll get free rides, making that first day after the weekend a little easier to bear.

The promotion may also have the added benefit of cleaning up Apple Pay’s image after some technical issues TfL commuters experienced shortly after the service’s launch in Britain this past summer. There were reportedly problems having to do with Apple Pay users’ phones running out of power prior to the end of their trips, when they were required to tap again to disembark; there were also reports of numerous glitches related to receiving calls while paying, using multiple payment cards, and using cards issued in other countries. The concerns seem to have died down over time, though, and TfL appears to be on board with this new promotion.

The promotion could help Apple Pay to get a stronger foothold in the UK as Apple anticipates the arrival of competitors. Samsung Pay, for example, is expected to make its UK debut in Q1 of next year, and Android Pay can’t be far behind either.