Mastercard and PayPal Extend Collaboration in APAC Region

Mastercard has announced an expansion of its partnership with PayPal into the APAC region.

Mastercard and PayPal Extend Collaboration in APAC RegionMastercard and PayPal teamed up on mobile payments at the end of last summer, when they entered into a deal that would see Mastercard offered as a clear payment option in PayPal’s mobile wallet while PayPal would be exempt from digital wallet service fees to Mastercard and would get access to the financial services giant’s tokenization services.

The extension of their partnership into Asia Pacific will carry over those arrangements to the region, and will see PayPal presented more prominently as a payment option at the point of sale; meanwhile, Masterpass will be enabled on Braintree. Masterpass is, of course, Mastercard’s growing digital payments platform, while Braintree is PayPal’s merchant-focused payments service, meaning that participating retailers will be able to start accepting Masterpass payments.

The deal comes soon after PayPal extended similar arrangements with Visa into the APAC region this past spring, and offers another example of PayPal’s interest in co-opting competition as the digital payments revolution continues to disrupt the traditional payments ecosystem, with PayPal also having announced surprising new payments deals with Samsung and even Apple just this month.