Huawei Mate S Integration Boosts FPC Profile

Huawei Mate S Integration Boosts FPC ProfileFingerprint Cards technology is being used in two major new devices from Huawei, the company has announced. The Mate S, Huawei’s new flagship device, and its G8 smartphone both include FPC1025 sensors.

The integrations continue an ongoing partnership between the two companies, with Huawei having used FPC sensors in several of its previous mobile devices. Commenting on the integrations, FPC CEO Jörgen Lantto summarized the recent collaboration, saying his company is “proud that Huawei selected FPC1025 for Huawei Mate S and G8, following up on the great success of Ascend Mate 7 embedding FPC1020, Honor 7 and MaiMang 4 both embedding FPC1025 and recently Honor 7i embedding FPC1145.”

While Huawei’s continued patronage helps to build FPC’s credibility as a leading fingerprint sensor supplier to Asia-based OEMs, the high-profile nature of the Mate S integration in particular (Huawei is taking aim at the very top of the premium smartphone market with this device) further bolsters FPC’s prestige. That could help the company going forward as it continues to expand its presence in the international smartphone fingerprint sensor market, FPC having recently announced integrations with mobile devices made in America and Germany.