Maybe May for Samsung Pay in the UK

It appears that Samsung Pay will launch in the UK on May 16th, according to new reports. Maybe May for Samsung Pay in the UKThe news has not officially been confirmed by Samsung, but comes by way of an anonymous tipster who has revealed screenshots in which Samsung representatives confirmed the release date.

If and when it does arrive, Samsung Pay will be a latecomer to the UK market. Apple Pay launched in the country back in the summer of 2015, and Android Pay arrived about a year ago. And its MST technology, which makes Samsung Pay compatible with older, swipe-based card readers, won’t offer any particularly strong advantage to the service in the UK, where NFC is broadly supported among merchants.

Nevertheless, it’s a market Samsung needs to get its digital payments service into if it’s going to remain a serious competitor – the platform ranked second, behind Apple Pay, in a recent market research report – and it’s another sign of Samsung Pay’s expansion around the world, with the service recently having made its way to the Hong Kong, Switzerland, Sweden, and UAE markets. And, of course, it’s good news for Samsung device users eager to try out the company’s mPayment platform.

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