mCommerce Month: The Roundup

May was mCommerce Month at Mobile ID World, and in addition to the constant stream of financial identity management industry news, we offered up some on topic interviews and two feature articles.

Here is a look back on what we talked about as we talked about mCommerce.

Getting Started

On the surface, it’s tempting to reduce mCommerce to it’s most basic explanation: mobility plus finance. That doesn’t even come close to doing the topic justice. What kinds of strong authentication are helping bring this innovation to the mainstream consumers? What do relying parties get from it? What are the expert opinions.

We started the month off with an in depth mCommerce primer so that you had all the examples you needed for a crash course in the holy grail of consumer mobile ID.

mCommerce Month  Feature One: The Primer

Convenience and Security

Of all the most interesting topics under the umbrella of mCommerce, nothing seems to be as simultaneously important and overlooked as the end user experience. In our mCommerce Month feature article, we take a look at what a real life physical mobile payment solution and a smartphone banking application need to address in order to gain traction in the consumer marketplace.

mCommerce Month  Feature Two: The Importance of the End User Experience

Ask an Expert

Nothing quite helps illustrate what an area of application really means to a company producing solutions for it than an actual discussion with an expert. Just this week, Mobile ID World president Peter O’Neill interviewed Julia Webb, vice president of marketing at VoiceVault. The conversation begins with Julia explaining how use cases of VoiceVault’s technology have evolved since their initial deployments in the financial space.

Peter O’Neill from Mobile ID World speaks with Julia Webb, VP Marketing, VoiceVault

Financial ID Newswire

mCommerce is extremely hot in mobile ID right now. May was filled with industry news about mobile money and the future of smartphone payments.

Here are some of the highlights:

Deloitte Says Security Concerns Are Hindering Adoption of Mobile Banking

Visa Joins FIDO Alliance Board of Directors

Oberthur Technologies Takes Home American SESAMES Award for Emerging Payments

OTPay Brings Physical mCommerce to Hungary


And with that we bring mCommerce month to a close, but it doesn’t mean the discussion is over. Follow Mobile ID World on Twitter and keep the conversation going by using the hashtag #MIDWMonthly.