MediaTek to Boost Next-Gen Processor Security with Sansa

MediaTek to Boost Next-Gen Processor Security with SansaSansa Security technology is going to be integrated into a major line of mobile processors, the company has announced. MediaTek has selected Sansa Silicon for TrustZone for integration in its next-generation mobile processors.

It’s a significant integration for Sansa; MediaTek makes processors that are used in such major smartphones as the HTC One M9+, and – if rumours are to be believed – the forthcoming Meizu MX5. But it’s also a win for MediaTek as it seeks to bolster the security of its processors as the uses and connectivity of mobile devices expand. In a statement, MediaTek SVP Jeffrey Ju explained that current “feature-rich mobile devices have to address an ever-growing set of security requirements specific to the multiple uses of devices and the cloud services engaging with them,” adding that “Sansa Silicon for TrustZone provides the architecture and toolset that allows us to rapidly rollout secure mobile processors to our customers that will enable protection for content, mobile payments, and interaction with IoT devices.”

It’s with particular respect to those latter two concerns that the integration is prudent and forward-thinking. Mobile payments are proliferating with a number of platforms launching this year, and that is going to drive up demand for security on mobile devices. The Internet of Things is also on the brink of explosive growth, and will connect mobile devices to a plethora of other previously offline products, which will further heighten security risks. Sansa Security has already begun to establish itself as a security provider in IoT architecture, and this integration should further expand its presence in the burgeoning IoT industry while effectively linking it with mobile security concerns.