Medication Management App Embraces Biometric Data

Medisafe, a medication management app, has begun to incorporate biometric data into its platform, the company has announced. Users of the iOS and Android apps will now be able to track metrics such as blood pressure and glucose levels via their devices’ biometric sensors and other digital equipment.

While the platform’s mandate is to help users keep track of their medication usage, the new system capabilities will allow them to see real-time data on the effects of their medications on their bodies – both when they take it as prescribed and when they fail to.

In a statement, Medisafe Executive Vice President of Marketing and Business Development Jon Michaeli explained that users “need continuous encouragement that their actions are leading to positive results in order to sustain or accelerate early engagement levels,” adding that the app “offers patients early feedback that their efforts are paying off, motivating them to continue taking their medications and undertake other healthy behaviors and lifestyle changes.”

It’s undoubtedly a positive development for the platform, given the preponderance of biometric data becoming available via mobile devices, even everyday smartphones. Apple, for example, made waves last year by introducing the HealthKit, an iPhone app that would collect and track users’ biometric data via their smartphones; other companies quickly followed suit with their own complementary software. And with even more advanced wearable devices poised to explode in popularity, an even greater wealth of biometric data could soon be available. Given Medisafe’s apparently broad and open approach to its biometric sources, that could be a major boom for the platform as it continues to advance its biometric tracking.