Meet Pillo, The Medication Dispensing Robot With Face Recognition

A new home healthcare device can recognize users and dispense their medication.

Meet Pillo, The Medication Dispensing Robot With Face RecognitionCalled Pillo, it’s a squat Amazon Echo-like device featuring a round screen and a pill-dispensing compartment underneath it. It’s also similar to the Amazon Echo in its use of voice-based interaction with an artificial intelligence system, designed to answer users’ health-related questions; and in its compatibility with wearable fitness devices. Its maker, US-based Pillo Health, says the system also features voice and facial recognition allowing it to identify users, perhaps anticipating the Siri-based, Echo-like device that Apple reportedly has in the works.

The main aim with Pillo appears to be automation and remote care, with the system able to routinely dispense medication and order refills, and also to connect users with healthcare professionals through a video conferencing feature.

Currently raising funds for the product’s development on Indiegogo, Pillo Health aims to launch Pillo in July of next year. The company says the device will be priced at $599 (or $269 for early bird preorders), and given the many boomers who will be in the market for simple, technologically-advanced home care options, it could prove an attractive investment.

Source: PSFK


(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)