Selfie-Centered Meitu V6 Features FPC Sensor

Meitu is once again using a Fingerprint Cards sensor in a new smartphone: The Meitu V6 features an FPC1235.

Selfie-Centered Meitu V6 Features FPC SensorIt’s the same sensor model used in Meitu’s previous couple of devices – the M8 launched at the start of summer, and the T8 smartphone announced closer to the start of the year. The sensor model is designed for integration under a ceramic layer, making it “ideal for high performance and durability requirements,” according to a statement from FPC.

Other features of the device include a 5.49″ display, a MediaTek Helio X35 processor, and a 3100mAh battery. Its main feature, however, is its camera system, with Meitu banking on selfie-fuelled vanity to drive market interest. The V6 features two dual 12MP camera systems, one facing the front and one facing the rear, with the latter supported by LED flash.

The announcement of the device’s FPC sensor integration offers a reminder that Fingerprint Cards’ main line of business – mobile device integrations – continues to push on even as the company seeks to expand into new areas, particularly biometric smart cards.

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