Mercedes Cars Use Gemalto Provisioning Platform for Virtual Car Keys

Gemalto’s Trusted Services Hub (TSH) platform is helping to turn smartphones into car keys for the new line of Mercedes-Benz E-Class cars.

Mercedes Cars Use Gemalto Provisioning Platform for Virtual Car KeysFor the new premium cars, TSH is being used for digital key provisioning. Virtual keys are downloaded to smartphones’ embedded secure elements via Gemalto’s provisioning platform. Once a driver has the virtual key loaded, she can unlock her car door just by holding the smartphone against the door handle. And Gemalto says this functionality can keep working for up to 24 hours after the smartphone’s battery dies.

Commenting on the partnership in a statement, Gemalto New Mobility Solutions VP Christine Caviglioli framed it within the bigger picture of the connected car industry, saying, “Digitalization demands that companies harness their expertise to forge strong relationships with all stakeholders within the connected car ecosystem.”

The collaboration comes not long after Gemalto teamed up with China-based car maker Banma in order to provide it with M2M cellular connectivity via its Machine Identification Module remote SIM provisioning technology. Given the high profile of the Mercedes-Benz brand, this new collaboration could significantly help to solidify Gemalto’s position as a vendor in the emerging smart car market.