Micromax Smartphone Uses Precise BioMatch Mobile Software

A new smartphone from Micromax is using Precise Biometrics technology to power its fingerprint scanning functionality.

Micromax Smartphone Uses Precise BioMatch Mobile SoftwareIn a statement announcing the integration, Precise Biometrics declined to say which specific model is using the Precise BioMatch Mobile algorithm software – the company has launched multiple devices over the past several weeks – but it did indicate that the integration comes by way of longtime hardware partner Fingerprint Cards. For its part, FPC recently indicated that its FPC1035 sensor had been integrated into a smartphone from its first India-based client – Micromax.

While Precise Biometrics has seen many integrations with FPC sensors over the past couple of years, the company has lately sought to dramatically expand its roster of hardware partners, having recently seen its biometric software used in a new device with a Silead sensor, for example. But the new Micromax integration indicates that FPC remains a solid partner of the company as fingerprint sensor technology continues to find its way into new devices around the world.