Microsoft Embraces FIDO Standards for Windows 10

final-fido-logo-yellowMicrosoft has announced that it’s embracing FIDO standards for the upcoming Windows 10 operating system. Announced in a post by Dustin Ingalls on the Windows blog, the security move will see the OS adhere to FIDO 2.0 specifications.

The announcement came last week after the company participated in the United States White House Cybersecurity and Consumer Protection Summit at Stanford University. The conference saw industry leaders meet to discuss their collective interest in improving cybersecurity and to figure out how they might collaborate. It’s no surprise that FIDO support emerged as a natural conclusion to the meeting; it’s a forward-thinking approach that is increasingly being embraced by major IT interests as more and more sensitive information is uploaded to the cloud.

Such advanced security standards will only become more important as the Internet of Things expands and connects a plethora of everyday devices online. Security experts have long been concerned about the new vulnerabilities that will emerge from this, and have been unequivocal in promoting security standards that move beyond archaic PIN and password systems, such as OTP tokens and biometric technologies. By integrating such standards into Windows 10, Microsoft is definitely thinking ahead.