Microsoft Prepares Next Iteration of Windows Wallet

Microsoft Prepares Next Iteration of Windows WalletMicrosoft is preparing an updated version of its Windows Wallet mPayment app, according to a company executive.

Speaking to reporters from The Verge and Recode, Microsoft operating systems group VP Joe Belfiore said the company is “going to continue to iterate” the mPayment platform. And while he didn’t give any further specifics on what the next iteration would be called or how it would work, he pointed to the sophisticated user authentication technologies available via the new Windows 10 operating system as features that the company will use to improve its payments platform.

Windows 10 features multimodal biometric authentication via its Windows Hello security apparatus. And such capabilities are being extended to Microsoft’s latest mobile devices too, with the company’s newly announced Lumia smartphones employing infrared iris scanning, and its Surface Pro 4 tablet offering fingerprint authentication via a compatible type cover. With its growing ecosystem of biometrics-enabled products, Microsoft is in a position to leverage such technologies for a more convenient means of mPayment authentication.

Given that Apple’s Touch ID fingerprint-scanning system is now widespread on its mobile devices and appears to be coming to its laptops, and that Google is now introducing fingerprint-based mobile purchases through its Play Store, Microsoft appears to recognize a growing trend, and is adapting accordingly as it prepares to relaunch the Windows Wallet.

Source: The Verge