MiKey Provides Augmented Security via Biometrics, NFC and USB

Mobile identity management technology is all about the freedom that comes with being able to forget about passwords and PINs without worrying that your most important and critical data is somehow unprotected and vulnerable to the dangers of the Internet. On a consumer level, this means being able to make purchases online and via smartphone without the necessary hassle of CAPTCHA images, security questions and reentering credit card information on internet forms.

In business, it means efficiency.

Recently, UBIN, AG – a biometric security solutions provider – announced MiKey in order to provide augmented security to enterprises through the convergence of a number of technologies quickly becoming synonymous with mobile ID. Incorporating a fingerprint reader, encryption, storage and smart card technology into a USB stick, MiKey performs all biometric actions on-device, keeping the templates from compromise.

The USB authenticator is exciting for enterprises looking for answers to their BYOD problems while also  bolstering their logical access security. the MiKey offers possible enterprise applications that include mobile device authentication, PC login, secure cloud operations and access, and even physical access control.

This sort of, one-device-to-authenticate-them-all attitude is a popular solution emerging in the biometrics for enterprise industry. Peripherals that can be used to authenticate a number of separate devices are uniting forces in businesses of all size, especially with the emergence of BYOD that sees employees working from an immensely diverse selection of devices.

The versatility of the solution will continue to grow with the inclusion of NFC capabilities later this year.

“The MiKey solution is a great leap forward in information security and comes at a relevant time of increasing privacy concerns,” says UBIN’s Managing Director, Uwe Braun. “By combining biometrics, encryption and storage in one highly integrated device, Enterprise customers are able to achieve an unprecedented degree of secure access to their data.”

MiKey will be available in Q2 2014, shipping with various amounts of available storage depending on customer needs, up to 32 GB.