Mitek Brings Identity Verification to HyreCar

Mitek Brings Identity Verification to HyreCar

The carsharing company HyreCar is launching a new mobile onboarding app for iOS and Android devices. The platform is built using Mitek identity verification technology and is designed to streamline the car rental and application process.

“We’re committed to providing both trust and convenience with each digital transaction and are thrilled to be supporting HyreCar in their mission to safely, securely and seamlessly onboard more rideshare drivers,” said Mitek CEO Max Carnecchia.

According to HyreCar, integrating Mitek’s technology is expected to allow the company to shorten the length of the new driver verification process by 30 percent and reduce ID forgery by 20 percent. That, in turn, will increase the amount of time their cars spend on the road (instead of a parking lot) and boost annual revenues for the company.

“Risk reduction through the Mitek integration is expected to enable scale and reduce overhead costs,” explained HyreCar CEO Joe Furnari.

Mitek’s selfie authentication technology has recently been deployed as an onboarding solution by companies like Experian and  BioMetric Signature ID. In HyreCar’s new app, it will make it much easier for users to verify their identity and rent a car with their mobile device.

(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)