Mitek Predicts Improvements in Mobile Authentication for 2016

Mitek Predicts Improvements in Mobile Authentication for 2016Mitek, a mobile capture and authentication specialist, has announced its predictions for the mobile industry in 2016. In a statement announcing its forecast, the company explained that it is based on a survey of millennials conducted earlier this year, as well as “speaking with leading financial institutions and mobile payments providers and observing recent changes in the mobile landscape.”

The company offers four central predictions. First, that mobile is set to become the primary avenue for account registration, overtaking the desktop route by 20 percent. Second, mobile biometric authentication will see mass adoption, with the technology being used for half of all mobile transactions. This trend is actually well underway, with Apple’s Touch ID system having helped to establish fingerprint scanners as a standard feature on high-end smartphones over the last year; now, companies may even be shifting to eye-based biometric authentication.

The company also predicts that smartphones will become better than humans at authenticating identity documents, and that improvements in data analytics and mobile technologies more generally “will result in a 50 percent increase of real applications being approved for accounts.” These last predictions are a little self-serving, given Mitek’s acquisition of IDchecker this year and its Photo Verify ID cloud-based ID verification platform. But the technology is indeed advancing, and it seems undeniable that significant improvements in these areas are underway. It all points to a more secure mobile world in 2016.