Mobile Banking Company Introduces Touch ID Support

Touch IDMalauzai Software, an Austin-based company specializing in apps that enable mobile and online banking, has announced that it is integrating Touch ID security into its mobile offerings. That will allow Malauzai’s client companies to enable biometric sign-in for their customers.

It’s likely a very welcome development for Malauzai’s clients, and indeed some are already singing its praises. In a statement, an executive with Alabama Teachers Credit Union said that Touch ID allows their mobile banking system to be “effortless and inviting” and lauded Malauzai for its “efforts to keep us on the leading edge of innovation and member service.”

The company, for its part, clearly sees which way things tend. Company executive Robb Gaynor said biometric technology is “hitting the financial industry in full force,” adding that it’s helping smaller community banks to gain ground against the bigger institutions.

That is certainly true, but of course it isn’t just the smaller banks embracing the technology, and it isn’t just Apple’s biometric sensors being put to use. Many other companies are seeing the benefits of biometric security, and some have even gone beyond the capabilities of Touch ID and implemented multimodal systems.