Mobile Banking Platform Uses Touch ID for User Authentication

A number of community banks anMobile Banking Platform Uses Touch ID for User Authenticationd credit unions will soon have biometric logins for their apps, thanks to Unwired Nation. The mobile banking platform developer has announced that it’s going to start offering Touch ID support, and will use it as the primary means of user authentication on mobile Apple devices.

Like the many other financial institutions adopting biometric authentication on their mobile apps, Unwired Nation sees the move as an improvement to both security and the user experience, allowing fast and convenient logins. For Unwired Nation’s clients, the technological advancement of Touch ID offers a means of staying competitive against the larger banks. In a press release, Unwired Nation CEO Chere Heintzmann explained that the “Unwired Banking platform and Touch ID offer significant security and convenience enhancements that are deployable in days versus months because they are independent of existing financial systems.”

Many other smaller banking institutions are starting to think the same way. First Internet Bank, for example – a digital bank based in the US – also recently announced Touch ID support, and Austin-based Malauzai Software is bringing the same solution to its own clients in the financial services industry. These are undoubtedly positive steps away from archaic password systems, but they don’t quite reach the security offered through multimodal systems such as the USAA mobile app’s login. Still, they are only the first steps into biometric authentication, and many of these apps could add further layers of security going forward.

Unwired Banking’s Touch ID login system is available now, and Unwired Nation says that a similar version of Android users is planned for the future.