Mobile Biometrics Experience Happiest Holidays Yet, More To Come In Christmas Future

FPC launches new touch sensor of Anfroid and Windows home-button biometricsA new market brief from Acuity Market Intelligence has been released speculating that this current holiday season may mark the the opening of the floodgates in terms of consumer biometric adoption, particularly in the realm of mobile devices that feature the tech.

According to Acuity, the mobile biometric market is on the receiving end of an intensifying demand. The firm predicts that, by the year 2020, 2.5 billion users will support 4.8 billion biometric devices. Wearable tech, smartphones and tablets that are already shipping with embedded biometric technology – the new Apple iPads and iPhones for instance – are going to drive this widespread adoption.

“The market for biometrically enabled mobile devices will surge over the next five years,” explains Maxine Most, Acuity principal and lead analyst. “Apple’s launch into biometrics and payments will be followed by similar efforts by Samsung and others, and within 3 years, biometrics will become a standard feature on smart phones as well as other mobile devices.”

Most goes on to detail that initially the market will be dominated by embedded fingerprint sensors. Indeed, this is something we have already started to see, not only in Apple’s Touch ID deployments and Samsung’s biometric swipe sensors, but also on smartphones from Huawei and other OEMs. According to Most, by 2017 mobiles with embedded fingerprint sensors will be generating over $1.5 billion in annual revenues.

“Emerging biometric sensors that rely on an individuals pulse, skin texture, or other yet unknown metrics will evolve rapidly, especially on wearables,” says Most. “This is in addition to biometric apps, such as facial or eye based recognition, that will leverage the camera or other built-in device features.”

In October, Acuity released another market brief detailing how a new found focus on user privacy has fundamentally changed the mobile biometric market for the better.