Mobile Biometrics: Fingerprint Cards Sells One Million Swipe Sensors and Recruits Jonas Spannel

9436_fingerprint-cards_fingerprintcardslogoToday Fingerprint Cards AB announced yet another order of its popular swipe sensor technology for immediate delivery in the Asian smartphone and tablet market. The order of approximately one million sensors targets the three smartphones that launched near the end of the summer in Japan, Korea and China.

According to FPC CEO Johan Carlström, the order also includes at least ten to-be-launched phones and tablets, slated for release before the end of 2013.

Furthermore, falling in line with the company’s self-admitted aggressive posturing in the emerging mobile biometrics market, Fingerprint Cards also announced today that is has recruited a new vice president, sourcing and supply: Jonas Spannel, among whose past experience mobile devices can be found.

“Jonas brings a long experience from working with the supply chain of mobile devices in one of the world’s leading consumer electronics companies,” says Carlström. “This experience will be invaluable for FPC now that we enter into a phase of major volume shipments to the industry that Jonas has been deeply part of”.