Mobile Biometrics Facilitate Election in Ghana

GenKey Touts Biometric Elections Success in Ghana

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Ghana held its District Level Elections earlier this month and biometric tech supplied by large scale biometrics solutions provider GenKey played a key role in the successful observance of the democratic process. GenKey has announced today that its biometric voter registration solution was successfully deployed in Ghana, delivered in good cooperation with the company’s partner STL.

GenKey CEO Michiel van der Veen,  comments: “We are proud to have successfully delivered our biometric voter verification solution during the District Level Elections. It supports our mission to provide digital identities to citizens in emerging economies enabling fair elections and supporting democracy.”

The biometric voter registration solution, selected by the Electoral Commission of Ghana,  was used to positively identify eligible voters in the September 1, 2015 election. The system in question includes GenKey’s mobile biometric verification device, which in addition to sporting a fingerprint scanner and barcode reader, is easy to use; a screen on the device displays instructions to the device operator. According to a press release from GenKey 72,000 biometric verification devices were delivered for the election, which were spread across 26,906 polling stations.

GenKey was recently in the news for another biometric voter authentication deployment. Last week FindBiometrics reported on the company’s deployment of biometric technology for the upcoming election in Tanzania.


(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)