Mobile Biometrics Month: The Primer

Here at Mobile ID World we cover more than biometrics and mobile devices, but it does make up the majority of our news and features. There is a great reason for this: thanks to the increasing proliferation of smartphones and tablets with biometric capabilities combined with a growing demand for post-password security has brought the technology into the mainstream.

Because September will undoubtedly mark new iPhone Touch ID announcements and also contains both Biometrics UnPlugged and the Global Identity Summit, we will be focusing on biometrics and mobility all month.

Here is just a bit of what we’ll be talking about during Mobile Biometrics Month:


It’s hardly an exaggeration to say that biometrically enabled mobile financial transactions are one of the biggest topics in mobile identity management right now. With the recent news that Apple is partnering with Visa, MasterCard and American Express to turn the iPhone 6 into an NFC enabled mobile wallet, it’s clear that the hype is just beginning. Payments, banking and more done from your mobile device with the touch of a finger, the saying of a phrase or the capture of your eyeprint are all on the table for discussion here.

Apple Teaming up With MasterCard, Visa and AmEx For iPhone 6 Mobile Wallet

Chinese Smartphone To Allow In-Store Biometric Payment

Australian Bank To Allow Account Access via Touch ID

PayPal Is First Global Payment Company To Support Galaxy S5 Biometrics

Eyeprints To Protect Mobile Banking Transactions

Bring Your Own Device

Mobility can bring efficiency to enterprises of any size, but only with the assurance that critical and confidential information won’t be compromised with a lost or stolen phone. Biometrics, especially when combined with mobile device management software and a well thought out BYOD policy are perfect for the job. Logical access control, physical access control and electronic health records are just a few of the workplace benefits that mobile biometrics enable.

Tactivo For iPad Mini Approved By Apple, iPad Air Smart Casing Undergoing Final Certification

Bring Your Own Credential: A Place For Mobility in Physical Access

BIO-key Teams Up With Advanced Micro Devices To Provide Better BYOD and Online Transactions

Maintaining Secure BYOD: GO-Trust Offers Military Strength Encryption To Business Customers

Speech Recognition Aiding Mobile Electronic Health Record Adoption

Wearable Tech

Regular readers of Mobile ID World will have noticed an emerging trend in the industry news section: wearable tech is going biometrics in a number of different ways. Now mobile biometrics aren’t restricted to your phone or tablet, they’re finding their way to your wrist, your headphones and even the shirt on your back. Especially with the maturation of M2M technology and the Internet of Things, wearable biometric devices are going to start playing a larger role in how we interact with eachother and the world around us.

Biometric Shirts: Not Just For Astronauts

Rumor: Samsung Wearables With Fingerprint Sensors in 2015

Brain Biometrics For Google Glass

Wearable Vital Biometrics Offer Passive And Persistent Authentication

IriTech Bringing Iris Recognition To The Smartwatch


Biometric smartcards are also a big part of the mobile biometrics movement. Whether it’s allowing for easy-to-deploy physical access control or providing an entire nation with financial inclusion options where there were none before, smartcards combine biometric assurance and security with a portable form factor in a wide variety of situations.

Nigeria Launches Electronic ID Card Pilot With MasterCard

Zwipe Wins American SESAMES Award For Innovation in Identification

Smart Cards and Cloud Technology Bolster Patient ID in Maine


Stick with Mobile ID World throughout September as we continue to explore the topic of mobile biometric solutions and bring you ground floor coverage of Biometrics UnPlugged and the Global Identity Summit. Follow us on Twitter so you don’t miss a beat.