New White Paper Touts Rise of Mobile Devices in Healthcare

New White Paper Touts Rise of Mobile Devices in HealthcareHealthcare is moving inexorably to mobile solutions for patient data, according to a new white paper from Calgary Scientific. In a synopsis, the company says the use of mobile devices for clinical patient care is “rapidly becoming the new normal”.

Between 2013 and 2014 alone, researchers found a 31 percent jump in the number of physicians using mobile devices for patient care activities such as accessing records, assigning prescriptions, and so on. Why? A big part of the reason seems to be efficiency; Calgary Scientific cites another study finding that accessing clinical applications on fixed workstations can add as many as 173 minutes to each workday, while a third study from the Journal of Medical Internet Research determined that mobile imaging devices can load faster than desktop counterparts.

A lot of this echoes excitement that has already been circulating for some time about the “mobile revolution” underway in healthcare, particularly in the area of remote care. But it also highlights the particular benefits that mobile technology can bring to the hospital itself, with the rise of electronic signatures and devices like the Tactivo reader, which has recently found enthusiastic clients in Britain’s NHS – not to mention Calgary Scientific’s ResolutionMD mobile medical imaging platform; it does have a horse in the race.