Mobile Driver IDs Coming to Nigeria

Secure identity solutions provider HID Global has teamed up with Media Concepts of Lagos to launch a mobile ID platform in Nigeria.

Mobile Driver IDs Coming to NigeriaThe digital IDs will be issued for the Nigeria Police Biometric Central Motor Registry (BCMR), working alongside physical identification cards to document biographic and biometric identity data. When citizens register their vehicles, they will be offered the mobile ID option, which will load a given BCMR identity document directly into its holder’s smartphone.

In a statement announcing the move, HID Global VP Rob Haslam pointed out that smartphone adoption “is growing exponentially” among the country’s 170 million citizens, so the mobile ID option could prove convenient for a wide swath of the population. It will also benefit the country’s police, who will use mobile readers to scan these smartphone IDs for instant identification.

The system will be built on HID Global’s new HID goID platform, which connects digital credential provisioning to cloud-based government IT, and uses end-to-end encryption. HID Global says that the BCMR program in Nigeria is the first of many mobile initiatives that the company will announce going forward, so we can expect more news of HID goID deployments to come.

May 12, 2016 – by Alex Perala (Originally posted on FindBiometrics)