Mobile Healthcare to Help Train Future Doctors

vital biometrics and wearable techAn up-and-coming radiologist is developing an online cardiac CT training tool using Calgary Scientific’s ResolutionMD system. In a blog post on the company’s website, Randy Rountree describes the new tool, called RadIQ and developed by Chris Maroules, a senior resident in the University of Texas Southwestern School of Medicine’s radiology program.

Maroules is leveraging ResolutionMD’s digital medical imaging system to support his CME-accredited system in its aim to deliver on-demand digital access to an online educational system for radiology trainees and practitioners. Maroules explains that his tool’s “combination of RadIQ and ResolutionMD offers an amazing collection of clinical data sets” and allows him to “manipulate the images the same way I would on a workstation.” He describes it as a forward-thinking system for a new generation of medical practitioners, noting that younger doctors “are very tech savvy and are constantly looking for ways to use technology to improve the efficiency of our lives and our practices,” adding, “Mobile accessibility is absolutely where we are headed.”

That trend is undeniable. Mobile technology, with its advanced imaging and biometric capabilities, is driving a revolution in remote care. And given the growing popularity of system’s like Calgary Scientific’s ResolutionMD in hospitals around the world, it seems inevitable that mobile medical technology would move into the classroom, helping to train the medical practitioners of the future.