News Roundup: Mobile ID In Conversation

Last week at Mobile ID World we were in conversation with industry experts, publishing two interviews while the news featured its share of fingerprints, finance, research and IoT headlines.

Here is a look back on last week’s top stories in mobile identity:

Mobile ID In Conversation

News Roundup: Mobile ID In ConversationTwo big interviews took up the spotlight last week, with Mobile ID World president Peter O’Neill speaking with FPC CEO Jörgen Lantto about his company’s recent notable success and where the biometric fingerprint sensor market is heading. O’Neill also spoke with Anil D. Aggarwal, one of the entrepreneurs who founded Money20/20, about his new NextGen Commerce event: Shoptalk.

INTERVIEW: Jörgen Lantto, President and CEO, Fingerprint Cards

INTERVIEW: Anil D. Aggarwal, Founder, Shoptalk


News Roundup: Mobile ID In ConversationIn fingerprint news last week we saw some smartphone integrations on behalf of FPC and Precise Biometrics—the latter of which also announced a new software licensing agreement with J-Metrics. Also, an update from BIO-key had the company highlighting its impressive revenues for Q4 2015. Motorola pledged to include fingerprint sensors on all of its 2016 smartphones and a new Apple patent describes a Touch ID sensor that could potentially be built into the bezel of an iPhone.

Here’s how fingerprints made the mobile Id news last week:

J-Metrics Licenses Precise Biometrics Tech

Law Firm Workflow App Adds Touch ID Support

Coolpad Note 3 Lite Features Precise BioMatch Mobile

New Apple Patents Cover Multi-Touch Haptic Feedback

BIO-key Calls 2015 Unprecedented In Growth and Transformation

Motorola Makes Fingerprint Sensors Standard on 2016 Smartphones

New QiKu Smartphone Features FPC, Precise Biometrics Tech


News Roundup: Mobile ID In ConversationIn financial identity news last week we saw a new report from Deloitte predicting growth in mCommerce while PayPal appointed cryptocurrency expert Wences Casares to its own board of directors.

Deloitte Predicts Huge Growth in Smartphones, mPayments for 2016

Crytpocurrency Leader Joins PayPal Board of Directors

IoT, Wearables, Handhelds

News Roundup: Mobile ID In ConversationA shipment of counterfeit wearables was seized by the US Customs and Border Protection agency last week and we saw more news about how mobile biometrics can potentially aid in the area of gun safety. MTN Nigeria pursued biometric registration of its customers in the meantime, while we heard rumblings of a release date for the iPhone 5e, and we got an update from Ford on how wearable tech and biometrics factor into its planned automotive innovations.

Counterfeit Wearables Shipment Seized by US Authorities

Ford Exploring Automotive Applications of Wearables, Biometrics

Biometrics Gaining Visibility As Gun Safety Solutions

MTN Nigeria Embarks on Biometric Registration

‘iPhone 5e’ Expected to Launch in March

Research and Trends

News Roundup: Mobile ID In ConversationIt’s just not January without a slew of new research and analysis. Last week had HID Global weighing in on its predicted identity trends for 2016, we saw a bright future for IoT devices, and also reported on a variety of market research offerings in the biometrics and mobile industries.

Report: Global Biometric Sensor Market to Hit $1.8B by 2023

HID Global Weighs in on 2016 Secure Identity Trends

M&A Trends Suggest Growth in Online and Mobile Industries

Report: Global Biometrics Market to Hit $41.5B by 2020

43 Percent CAGR Expected for IoT Devices Market From 2015-2019: Report


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