Mobile ID Industry News Roundup: A Mobile Romance

Smartphone securityThis week at Mobile ID World the news was seasonally appropriate as dating and mobility collided. We saw new movement in the smartphone market, privacy concerns, innovations in the Internet of Things and the first bit of news in preparation for the upcoming Mobile World Congress.

Here is what the news was like in mobile ID this week:

Get a Phone!

In smartphone news this week we saw Alibaba acquire major stakes in Meizu, a Chinese smartphone company that also partnered with Trustonic this week. Rumors also surfaced about the next entry in Samsung’s Galaxy smartphone line, particularly that it will feature a screen that stretches across three of its four sides. Speaking of innovations, a patent was filed for a display panel fingerprint sensor by CrucialTec, and the numbers came in regarding how well smartphone kill switches fight Apple Picking (hint: they work exceptionally well).

‘Kill Switches’ Help to Reduce Smartphone Theft

Next Galaxy Smartphone Will Have Screen Folded Over Three Sides

Alibaba Acquires Stake in Obscure Mobile Company

Trustonic to Provide TEEs Security for Meizu Devices

South Korean Company Patents Display Panel Fingerprint Sensor

Get a Room!

Dating apps made the news this Valentines Week as a new bot brought facial recognition to Tinder and IBM warned about the dangers of romantic social software and your BYOD policy hooking up in the workplace.

Privacy was talked about this week too as Samsung’s new smart TV had consumers worried about third party listeners in their living room and speculation continued on the vulnerabilities posed by the growing Internet of things.

Meanwhile, securing rooms with biometrics got a lot easier this week thanks to a new partnership between Zwipe and HID Global, and because of a new deal that will see biometrics from Invixium integrated into home automation products from Control4.

Researchers Issue Rare Non-Moralistic Warning of Dangers of Dating Apps

New App Further Cheapens Dating Experience

Internet of Things Poses Serious Threat to Privacy

Samsung Advises Users That New TV Can Hear Them

Control4 to Bring Invixium Biometrics into Smart Home Offerings

Zwipe Integrates With HID Global, Makes Biometric Upgrade Accessible

Get Paid!

Mobility and finance continued to be a staple of the news this week. Visa and MasterCard both announced security focused initiatives, the former ditching account numbers in favor of secure tokens and the latter making a massive investment in cyber security.

EyeVerify will be enabling more secure banking thanks to a partnership with Digital Insight, while SuperCom will be at this year’s upcoming Mobile World Congress with a wide range of mCommerce solutions.

Apple’s finances were in the news this week too, as it has become the first company to ever breach the $700 dollar mark. The Cupertino giant also posted a new job and the description of the career opportunity had experts speculating what increased role biometrics might play on the Apple Watch.

MWC 2015: SuperCom to Showcase Device Agnostic mPayment Security

Visa Replaces Account Info with Token System for Digital Payments

MasterCard Invests $20 Million in Cyber Security

Digital Insight to Bring EyeVerify Tech to Financial Sector

Apple Job Posting Hints at Advanced Biometrics for Apple Watch

Apple Becomes First Company to Breach $700 Billion Mark

Get Better!

Finally, this week we reported on innovations in mobile healthcare, particularly in the realm of wearable tech. The two stories below deal with how wearables are making healthcare more accessible and helping those with disabilities better interact with the increasingly connected world.

HealthPatch MD Wins Approval for Japanese Market

Wearable Tech Could Blur Lines of Disability


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