Mobile ID Industry News Roundup: Apple News, Mobile Commerce, Biometrics

Mobile BiometricsThis week at Mobile ID World we saw plenty of interesting activity from mobile device makers, a diverse selection of activity in the realm of strong authentication solutions and the requisite mCommerce news.

Here is a look at the top stories from the past five days:

Makers of Mobility

Apple was in the news quite a bit this week, halting iPhone sales in Russia for reasons related to the state of the rouple, accidentally spilling the beans on who’s getting Apple Pay next and continuing to face scrutiny in Canada.

Xiaomi also found itself facing legal troubles, albeit of a different nature, and ZTE launched a smartphone with biometric voice controls.

Xiaomi’s Legal Trouble Over Patents Could Herald End of Small Smartphone Makers
Apple Canada Must Hand Over Documents
Premature Ad Spoils Next Season of Apple Pay
iPhone Sales Halted in Russia
ZTE Launches Voice-Controlled Smartphone


It’s not a week of mobile ID news without conversations about mCommerce. This week we saw Net1 Mobile Solutions, a South African carrier, announcing a promotion that will see random customers receiving gifts of money throughout the holidays. The stunt is intended to encourage the company’s mobile banking solutions.

Alipay was in the news this week too, reporting some impressive end of year stats. Alibaba, the owner of Alipay, says that as of October 2014, 54 percent of all of its online payments come through mobile devices. Compared to last year’s statistic of 22 percent, it’s easy to see why mCommerce is such an industry news fixture.

South African Company Randomly Wiring Money to Consumers’ Phones
Alipay Sees Massive Mobile Commerce Growth


We’re now just over two weeks away from the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), and since much of the time is taken up by holidays, we saw some announcements about what kind of biometric mobile tech we can expect at next year’s exhibition.

This week we also reported on a new version of Diamond Fortress’ ONYX solution which can turn a rear facing camera into a fingerprint sensor, reports of a possible new biometric modality, and how Precise Biometrics’ plan to capitalize on the mobile markets has paid off.

Precise Biometrics’ Focus on Mobile Fingerprints Pays Off with Government Order
Diamond Fortress Releases Overhauled Fingerprint-Scanning Software
Personal Cameras’ Footage Can Reveal Users’ Identities: Researchers
Various Products to Demonstrate Valencell Tech at CES 2015
California State Students Champion Multimodal Biometrics with Security System Development
The FIDO Alliance Announces Password Killing CES 2015 Presence


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