Mobile ID Industry News Roundup: Conferences Commerce and Consortia

This week at Mobile ID World we prepared for CARTES Secure Connexions 2014 and Money20/20, where Peter O’Neill (Mobile ID World President) will be moderating a panel on biometrics and payment. We also brought a close to Cloud Authentication Month with a look at the disruptive Biometrics as a Service (BaaS) model and covered mobile ID news concerning commerce, conferences and consortia.


Mobile Identity Management, Biometrics, Wearable TechOne of the dominant stories in the news this past week involved a little hiccup in the Apple Pay deployment in the form of a non-biometric competitor. CurrentC, a QR code-based solution created to give credit card companies a run for their money had US pharmacies opting to use it instead of NFC payment systems.

Meanwhile, iWallet made it back into the news, announcing that its technological capabilities reach beyond payment and into the realm of passport technology.

Does CurrentC Have Any Currency Against Apple Pay?

One Step Back for Apple Pay Rollout

MCX Suffers Awkward Security Breach

iWallet Technology Can Also Do Passports


As mentioned above, CARTES 2014 and Money20/20 are both taking place this week in Paris and Las Vegas respectively. The week after this coming one, Samsung will also be holding its Developer Conference. This past week we reported news on speaker, panelists and exhibitors that will be attending all three industry events.

CARTES Releases Exhibitor Profiles, Announces Official Hashtag

Samsung Announces Speakers, Agenda for Developer Conference

Biometrics and Finance To Converge at Money20/20

Strong Authentication

A new sensor from Forza Silicon was announced this week that promises to bring a great amount of flexibility to authentication and the Internet of Things, while Socure raised $2.5 million in series A funding for its behavioral biometric solution. Lenovo unveiled its wearable fitness tracker that also doubles as a proximity logical access factor and news surfaced that final FIDO specifications are on their way very soon.

The following articles gave a diverse look at the every evolving mobile authentication market landscape:

Socure Raises $2.5 Million for Unique Identity Verification System

Final FIDO Specifications Coming Soon

Lenovo Joins Wearable Tech Fitness-Tracking Race

Forza Silicon Unveils Super-Adaptable Image Sensor


In smartphone news, this past week had us reporting that the NYPD will be rolling out biometric smartphones to each one of its 35,000 officers for the purpose of criminal identification. Meanwhile Oppo Electronics launched two new smartphones, one of which features an FPC fingerprint sensor. We also reported on the news that Brazilian telecommunications companies will be ending data tethering practices.

Brazil Telcos Unleash Mobile Data

Biometrics and Mobility To Bolster NYPD Presence

Oppo Launches Two Smartphones, One With Biometrics


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