Mobile ID Industry News Roundup: Cross Match Buys DigitalPersona

The week started out with a bang with Cross Match announcing on Monday morning that it had acquired DigitalPersona, creating what it refers to as the world’s largest independent provider of biometric identity solutions.

In conjunction with the news, Mobile ID World president Peter O’Neill had a chance to interview newly appointed CEO Rich Agostinelli (formerly DigitalPersona’s CEO).

In mCommerce news, people are still talking about the Samsung Galaxy S5 and its ability to authenticate payments using its fingerprint sensor and PayPal app. Taking a firm stand on the side of stong online authentication and the financial opportunities that this will inevitably provide Galaxy owning end users, Samsung joined the FIDO alliance as a sponsoring member this week.

FIDO founding member, Nok Nok Labs threw its support behind its newest alliance comrade, announcing that its Multifactor Authentication Suite will be powering the mCommerce solutions that the Galaxy S5 brings to the table of possibility.

Speaking of fingerprint sensors on smartphones, Fingerprint Cards AB launched its newest capacitive touch sensor for Windows and Android mobile devices. The FPC1021 builds on the technology of its predecessor (the FPC1020) and is being heralded as the smallest sensor that the Swedish manufacturer has released to date.

Enterprises hoping to bring fingerprint technology to their BYOD policies won’t have to throw all of their budgets behind company issued smartphones now that Diamond Fortress Technologies has announced a contactless software development kit that can leverage a rear facing camera as a fingerprint biometric authentication device. This is the kind of biometric technology that has been applied to voice, face and some times of eye recognition, adding a new mode to the list of options businesses have to choose from when looking for stronger and more convenient ways to keep mobile business efficient and safe.

Meanwhile at findBIOMETRICS, Physical Access Control Month has finished its fourth week, taking a look at the role of mobility in the future of biometric security. Be sure to check that out as well as the new blog entry on what can be learned from the use of breathprint biometrics in the 1997 sci-fi action film Alien: Resurrection.

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