Mobile ID Industry News Roundup: Following Your Heart

Smartphone securityThis week at Mobile ID World we brought Vital Biometrics Month to a close, reported on exciting new developments in wearable tech and mCommerce, and we took a look the global smartphone markets as well as some seasonal security concerns.

Vital Biometrics

November was Vital Biometrics Month at Mobile ID world and we brought that to a close this week with a roundup on the featured topic. Meanwhile in the industry news sections we took a look at some developments in health monitoring biometric tech that will help free up space in hospitals while providing around-the-clock care to discharged patients.

Vital Biometrics Month: The Roundup

New Mobile Biometrics App Aspires to Be Virtual Doctor

Vivify Gets Helping Hand from LabCorp and Envision

Wearables and Spendables

This past week we got to take a look at the newest iteration of the Hexoskin biometric shirt (which now features sleeves) and a new wristband that can be used to authenticate and improve your posture by measuring walking gait.

In terms of mobile commerce this week, it looks like Android Pay is going to enter the competition for Chinese translations as the new biometric mobile wallet takes an aggressive stance against Apple Pay and Alipay. Meanwhile an article on Forbes outlined how the growing popularity of mCommerce might prove troublesome to retailers.

Free Market Proving Troublesome for Retailers

Hexoskin Shirt Takes Wearable Biometrics Into the Cold

Android Pay, Apple Pay, and Alipay All Poised to Face Off in Chinese Market

Arki Wristband Helps Consumers to Walk the Walk

Security, Smartphones, Worries

Rounding out the week’s news, the Xiaomi Redmi Note launched in India this week, Calgary Scientific scored a new certification in Australia, concerns about mobile biometrics were raised in the UK and Sony announced some changes it will be making due to challenges in the mobile market. Additionally, with the holidays now upon us, we shed light on a report from security firm NuData that warns about the seasonal rise in fraud.

Xiaomi Redmi Note Launches in India

Sony Adapts to Challenging Mobile Market

Former Head of GCHQ Worried About Biometrics, Data Sharing and Apple Pay

Calgary Scientific Wins Australian Certification for ResolutionMD

Security Company Warns About Holiday Fraud


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